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STAR Journal, Jan-March 2016, Volume 5 and Issue 1 



Effects of Blended Fertilizer Rate and Time of Application on Growth and Yield of Sugarcane Ratoon Crop at Arjo-Sugar Factory, Western Ethiopia

 Dereje Legesse, Hirpa Legesse and Negash Geleta


Response of Bread Wheat (Tritcum aestivum L.) to Nitrogen after Major Leguminous Crops Rotation in Tigray, Northern Ethiopia

 Bereket Haileselassie, Sofonyas Dargie, Mehretab Haileselassie, Fisseha Hadgu and Medhn Berhane


Soil Quality Attributes Induced by Land Use Changes in the Fincha’a Watershed, Nile Basin of Western Ethiopia

 Getahun Kitila, Heluf Gebrekidan and Tena Alamrew


 Effects of Different Proportions of Dried Cafeteria Leftover Inclusion in a Concentrate Mix on Performance of Growing Pigs

  Tesfaye Amene, Mengistu Urge, Mitiku Eshetu and Diriba Diba



 Effects of Urea-Molasses Multi-nutrient Blocks (UMMB) Supplementation on Some Production Parameters of Lactating Horro Cows at Horro Guduru Animal Production and Research Center, Western Ethiopia

  Dereje Duressa and Temesegen Bersissa


 Feed Intake, Milk Yield and Composition, and Profitability of Horro Cows Fed Rhodes Grass Hay Supplemented with Ficus sur (Cv. Forssk) Fruits

 Diribe Kumsa, Mitiku Eshetu and Diriba Diba


Study on Gastro Intestinal Parasite of Cattle at Horoguduru Animal Production and Research Center of Wollega University, Oromia, Ethiopia

 Belay Beyene


 Developing Empirical Relationship between Interrill Erosion, Rainfall Intensity, Slope Gradient and Soil Types in Highlands of Salale, Ethiopia

 Habtamu Adenew Weletu


 Quality Analysis of Breads Produced from Blends of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L) and Anchote (Coccinia abyssinica L.)

 Demelash Hailu Mitiku


Levels of Inpatient Satisfaction with Health Service Provision among Patients Admitted to Nekemte Referral Hospital, Nekemte, Ethiopia

Tahir Hasen